Posted in November 2010

you think i can what?

Today, I am grateful for: expandable luggage. no joke. workout: 1 hour of spinning, 1 hour of yoga, 30 minutes Pilates (this will be my Tuesday workout until I got back to work!) I am currently packing to leave for my vacation!! As I mentioned before, we are going on a cruise to the Caribbean. … Continue reading

brownies, anyone??

It’s late, and what am I doing up at this hour? Baking brownies. Yup. Crazy. Tomorrow, Bubba and I have a bunch of errands and shopping to do in the morning, and then we have a cousin get together after lunch, so I needed to make my chocolately, krispity, peanut buttery brownies tonight. Don’t they … Continue reading

happy turkey day!

Today, I am grateful for: a lot of things (see below) workout: 3.1 miles in the EG Turkey Trot, 34 minutes (my best 5k time!) The Turkey Trot this morning was pretty cool. It was definitely a smaller race, but I kinda liked that about it. And since there weren’t a million and a half … Continue reading

trotting for charity

Today I am grateful for: a gym membership so I don’t have to run outside when it’s 32 degrees. workout: 3.1 treadmill miles, 40 minutes Ooooh-weee, is it cold outside today!! My plan was to get up and take a short run around my neighborhood, but when I saw it was a mere 32 degrees, … Continue reading

to spin or not to spin

Today I am grateful for: a fitness instructor who doesn’t call you out for being lame. 😛 workout: 50 minute spin class, 60 minute yoga, 30 minute pilates. yea, cuh-razy. I tried a spinning class today. I’ve been intrigued by the whole things for a while, and I’ve wanted to try it out. The thing … Continue reading

apple hill adventures

Today, I am grateful for:  great friends who happen to be teachers! workout: 3.1 treadmill miles in 39 minutes. I’m officially off from school for 5  glorious weeks, counting after turkey day week, because we SHOULD be working today and tomorrow BUT we decided to take FURLOUGHS and PAYCUTS to ensure our CLASS SIZE remains … Continue reading

a loveable christmas tree

Today, Bubba was nice enough to bring down all the Christmas decor from the attic. He’s letting me put everything up a week early considering that we’ll be gone for a bit during the holiday. I put up my Charlie Brown Christmas tree first. I bought this from Sear’s last year for $10 bucks to … Continue reading

pumpkin pie won me over

So, I’m not usually a pumpkin pie fan. I had it once, a couple of years back, but I think it was much too spiced for my liking. Today, during our first and thrid grade buddy time, my teacher BFF and I served our kiddos some Costco pumpkin pie and whipped cream. I was hesitant … Continue reading