distracted driving

Today, I am grateful for: any living creature that eats spiders, because then I don’t have to kill come in contact with them!

mileage: 3 treadmill miles, 38 minutes

OH MY HEAVENS. I have never been so scared while I was driving…EVER…until this evening. Okay, maybe I’m being a tad over dramatic. I mean, I didn’t get into an accident, I didn’t have to swerve crazy drivers, nothing fell on my car. It was even scarier than all that.

As I was driving myself and Bubba home from the gym tonight, I looked up to gaze at the lovely night sky, and there I saw it. A SPIDER. yes. INSIDE MY CAR. yup. ON THE WINDSHIELD. no joke. RIGHT IN FRONT OF MY FACE. I hate loathe spiders. So when I saw this eight legged beast 2 feet from my face, I freaked. I think I scared Bubba just a bit with the swerving that I was trying to avoid. I was watching the spider move across my windshield rather than watching the road (I swear, I’m a safe driver most of the time!). Finally, as I watched the spider creep to the top of my windshield and on the hood of my car, above my HEAD, I stopped the car and made the oh-so-brave hubby smack it with his shoe. sigh.  That’s why I married him…so I didn’t have to kill any of God’s creatures for myself.  So with that, I am thankful for anything that eats a spider so they don’t end up near me!


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