are we cruisin’ yet??

As I was reading Running with Sass I was reminded of something that I am grateful for today: we go cruisin’ VERY soon!

Two years ago, for our honeymoon, Bubba and I decided that Disney World was the way to go. I had never been before, and we are crazy about all things Disney. The weekend we got engaged in 2007, we went and purchased Disney Time Share together before we even purchased a home! We thought the time share was a great idea since it would “force” us to take vacation. It’s pretty awesome. So…in 2008, we did a 3 night Disney Cruise to the Bahamas.

saying merry christmas with our main mouse, mickey!

I LOVED it! It was also my first time cruisin’ and I was pretty worried about the whole motion sickness thing. Have no fear: I brought DRAMAMINE. I think I only used it on one night, when the water was rough. That, and we weren’t really on the ship much since we booked excursions every day.

my bubba and me in the Bahamas

We haven’t taken a big vacation since our love trip, so we thought we should do it now.  We used our time share points to book a 7 day cruise to the Eastern Carribbean. I am sooo excited! We’ll head over the day before and spend the night at the Animal Kingdom resort, and then cruisin’ we go!!

the disney magic

We will begin with 2 days at sea, which, believe it or not, I am actually excited about. Last time, since our cruise was so short, we didn’t spend much time on the ship. This time, I fully intend to lay out by the pool and take advantage of the walking track they have on board. Day 3 we arrive at St. Maarten, then the next day is St. Thomas/St. John, U.S. Virgin Islands, followed by another day at sea, then our last stop is Castaway Cay before we head back to port. I heart Castaway Cay, especially the Adult Only part of the beach. It totally sounds more Rated R than it is: it just means kiddos can’t be on that side of the island. I think when we go to St. Maarten, St. Thomas & St. John, we’ll do the whole sight seeing deal-y-oh. We figure we’ll do some holiday shopping as well.

I am totally ready to be on vacation and NOT have to teach for six weeks (although, I probably will kinda sorta maybe miss my cute little kiddos). I am so jazzed, words can’t even express it. Maybe this will:

Oh Mickey, you’re so fine!!

Question for you fine, blogging folk: Have any of you ever been to St. Maarten, St. John, or St. Thomas? What are some things you might suggest for us to do or ways to get around the islands? Cruising minds WANT to know!


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