best friends make the world go ’round

Today I am grateful for:  my bestest best BFF in the entire world.

me with my bestest best friend

We met our sophomore year of high school and have best bff’s ever since. I think we’re going on 13 years now? Wow-zers! Yea, we’ve had our ups and downs, but who hasn’t? The point is, girl has had my back since day one. We’ve had boy drama (back in the day), lots of girl drama, we can yell and scream at each other, then we can hug and make up the next day. We both walk cuh-ray-zee fast through a mall. When we’re together, we talk too fast…so fast that people around us can’t understand a word we’re saying. We say “I love you” every time we get off the phone. Yea, we’re like that. 🙂 Sometimes, I think Bubba gets a little jealous of my hot bestie.

I was always one of those girls who didn’t really have a TON of girlfriends. I mean, I had great friends, but before BFF, I don’t think there was anyone I could really consider that “close” to me. When we met, we clicked right away. I was soooo sad when she left for college. I remember moving her into her freshman dorm room and meeting everyone on her floor and thinking, “I hope she doesn’t replace me with one of these really nice girls!” BFF went to school in LALA land, and I stayed here in Saca-a-potatoes, so during college we didn’t see each other as much as we would have liked. but we managed to stay close by im’ing, texting and calling every week or 2. But here’s the most awesome-ist cool thing:  I can go week without talking to BFF, but when I get on the phone, it’s like I talked to her yesterday. We totally finish each others sentences and thoughts, and we say California girl things like “oh my gosh, TOTALLY” or ” i know, RIGHT?!?” I cherish BFF talks.


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