a loveable christmas tree

Today, Bubba was nice enough to bring down all the Christmas decor from the attic. He’s letting me put everything up a week early considering that we’ll be gone for a bit during the holiday.

I put up my Charlie Brown Christmas tree first.

I bought this from Sear’s last year for $10 bucks to put in my classroom. This year, since we are on break from now until January 3rd, I kept it at home. It is literally 3 pieces plus an ornament. 

And all put together:

Isn’t that awesome?!? Here’s Beamer checking out his new play thing:

The thing I love most about this little tree (besides how adorable it is) is the directions that it came with :

Directions for Assembling Your Loveable Christmas Tree
1. Take your new loveable tree and its additional components out of the box.
(Step 2 and 3 talk about how to put the base together. Easy peasy, and pretty uneventful)
4. Add the red ornaments to the longest branch using the ornament hook that is included. This will cause the tree limb to sag, which is okay, because the branch is just heavy from the weight of your love.

Don’t you LOVE the holidays?? 🙂


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