trotting for charity

Today I am grateful for: a gym membership so I don’t have to run outside when it’s 32 degrees.

workout: 3.1 treadmill miles, 40 minutes

Ooooh-weee, is it cold outside today!! My plan was to get up and take a short run around my neighborhood, but when I saw it was a mere 32 degrees, I decided against it. Thank goodness I have the gym to keep me warm! I completed my mileage today in a semi-warm environment, and when I finished, I could still feel my fingers and toes. Success.

I went out and ran some errands today before the craziness began. I stopped at Raley’s and got me a flu shot, as well as some stuffs to bake a cinnamon bundt for tomorrow’s feast. I also made the mistake of running out of gas and having to go to the dreaded COSTCO. Just the gas line alone was PACKED like sardines. I don’t even want to imagine what the inside looked like.

I had a $10 cash card to Sports Authority that expired after today, so I figured I would go and spend it. I was planning on buying a pair of socks, but I found a small running belt similar to a Spibelt. I’ve wanted a Spibelt for a while (I actually put it on my Christmas list), but I thought maybe this one would work, so I grabbed it.

The thing I liked about it was that there is a little pull-out id card where you can put your emergency info. But I think I need to take this one back.

See those straps on the side? Well, I have to pull them so tight that the straps fly about. They aren’t secured like the ones on the Spibelt. Ah, boo. Back the the store it will go. I shoulda just stuck with the sock idea. I hope I can get my $10 cash card back!

I stopped at the local running store to grab my shirt and bib number for tomorrow’s Elk Grove Turkey Trot. I’m doing the 5k tomorrow. I have yet to find a 10k that doesn’t loop the route twice. I can’t run through a finish line and NOT finish. I would need therapy.

I had to grab a youth large shirt since the adult smalls made me look like a child. 😛 The shirts are pretty cute, though! This is my first time doing the EG Turkey Trot, which benefits Courage House. I usually do the Run to Feed the Hungry, but it’s SOOOOO crowded that you can’t run it. My girls and I did it last year and we walked a 20 minute mile. Hello?? I can’t justify stuffing my face after walking 3 miles at a snail’s pace! So EG Trot tomorrow. It’ll be a smaller race, and it’s closer to home, so I don’t have to be up with the sun. ALthough the sun wouldn’t be bad to wake up too…it would be some source of warmth. It’s supposed to be pretty frigid tomorrow morning. I might come back as an icicle….and “mel”cicle to be exact.



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