happy turkey day!

Today, I am grateful for: a lot of things (see below)

workout: 3.1 miles in the EG Turkey Trot, 34 minutes (my best 5k time!)

The Turkey Trot this morning was pretty cool. It was definitely a smaller race, but I kinda liked that about it. And since there weren’t a million and a half people running, it went by really fast since I was able to run. And I ran most of it today; I think I may have walked .5 a mile? Anyhoo, best time to date. Goooo me! πŸ™‚

This Thanksgiving, I have a lot to be thankful for. Lots of little things, and lots of big things. Let’s begin, shall we?

I’m thankful for….

  • my amazing husband: that I found a person who compliments me so well and is willing to put up with my craziness on a daily basis. I love that man dearly.

    bubba and me the night he proposed

  • my family: I truly have the most supportive mother and father anyone could ask for. and my brother is pretty awesome too!

    my family at my masters grad

  • my in-laws: I have been lucky enough to marry into a family who loves me for who I am AND loves my family as well. I’ve never seen to sets of parents get along so well. πŸ™‚
  • my friends, old & new πŸ™‚
    besties at big sur

  • my home
  • my job and the fact that I still have it
  • my beamer kitty
  • my health and the fact that I’ve found something that keeps me sane and active.

I’m thankful for everyday that I get to open my eyes and live my life. I am blessed with so many great things, and I am looking forward to spending my day with BOTH of my families today. That’s right, Bubba and I do dinners with both his and my family during the holidays. Which means it was probably good that I ran this morning. Maybe I should go out and run again?? πŸ˜›

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!! Gather with your families and friends, loosen up those pants, and FEAST!


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