brownies, anyone??

It’s late, and what am I doing up at this hour? Baking brownies. Yup. Crazy.

Tomorrow, Bubba and I have a bunch of errands and shopping to do in the morning, and then we have a cousin get together after lunch, so I needed to make my chocolately, krispity, peanut buttery brownies tonight.

nom nom nom

Don’t they look nummie?? They are like heaven in your mouth. If you don’t believe me, try the recipe! It’s so good!

Anyhoo, the first step is to bake the brownies as directed on the package. Bubba bought me one of those mondo packs from Costco, so I check out the back and it says that for a 13×9 pan you need 2 brownie pouches. I prepared them as directed and begin to bake them…and then as I was watching them in the oven, I thought, “Hmm…those look awfully thick. How will I put the marshmallows and chocolate on top?” So I look back on the brownie box and discover that I overlooked a VERY important thing: 2 pouches = ULTRA THICK brownies. OOPS!

Where does this leave me? Well, it’s 11 o’clock, and while Bubba is snoring like mad fast asleep, I am baking a SECOND batch of brownies so that I can make them into the marshmallowy chocolate delight that I promised for our cousin luncheon tomorrow. Now I have two very large pans of brownies. Yowzers. Anyone want some brownies?? Come and get’em…seriously.  I’ll pay you to take some away. 😛


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