c is for cookie

Today, I am grateful for: my friends with cute kiddos who let me play with them!

workout: 3.2 miles, 43 minutes

I don’t have kiddos of my own yet, so I’m super thankful to friends and family who let me come over and play with their kiddos!! My friend, Jennifer, invited me over to make Christmas cookies with her and her son Dylan. Of course I agreed! I mean, a day with my friend, her cute sons, AND cookies?? Count me in!!

Jennifer and Dylan made the cookie dough the night before, so when I came over today, I got to help with the fun part! Dylan was a GREAT helper in the kitchen. Cutting the cookies went by really fast. He really liked the candy cane cookie cutter; I think he made 6 candy cane cookies!

As we were putting the frosting on the cookies, Dylan kept getting it on his fingers. So he did what any normal kid (or adult) would do; he licked them! But mommy said not to, so he wouldn’t spread his germies. After that, Dylan was super good about not putting his fingers in his mouth. It was so cute! He would get the frosting on his fingers, go to lick them, then stop himself as he was just about to get them into his mouth. Ah, such a good kid. 🙂

I had a blast baking with them today! Here are our finished products:

Thanks for such a fun day, Dylan & Jennifer!! Oh, and Max too, even though he was napping through most of it. 🙂 I heart kiddos!


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