i’m baaaack!

Today I am grateful for: my new washer and dryer for allowing me to wash vacation clothes in as few loads as possible. 🙂

Not to fear, friends…MELLIE IS HERE! Ok, like ya’ll missed me that much. 😛 Vacation was absolutely fabulous, and I will post details and pictures soooon. But trying to catch up with normalcy around here has kept me busy. How busy, you may ask? Try 5 loads of laundry, 6 bags of groceries and 7 bags of raked leaves from the yard. Yowzers, right?No joke.

In other news, tonight I made some pretty yummy broccoli cheddar soup. I’m not really sure why, but I had a random craving for it (no, I am NOT preggers)  and I coincidentally have a TON of broccoli (I made my way to Costco yesterday).

mine looks like this one! just not in a bread bowl. 🙂

It’s too bad that Bubba isn’t a huge soup fan. Oh wells, guess I’ll be eating it all by myself!!

Let me just say that as much as I LOVE me some vacation with my Bubba, I am glad to be home in my own bed. I’ve caught up with all my besties, and my cuddle bug kitty is so happy I’m back. Life is good!! Stay tuned for vacay postings to come!


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