thift store high

Today, I am also grateful for: people who purchase high end things and donate them so I can purchase their items at a thrift store!!

Hi. I’m Melanie, and I’m a shopaholic thrift store-aholic. Ok, not really, but I do get my craving for thrift store finds. Do you ever get that itch to shop, but you know that you just shouldn’t spend the money? I tend to get these feeling every once in a while, so when I do, I drive myself to a thrift store.

If you’ve never shopped second hand, you should give it a try. It is much more time consuming than regular shopping, but sometimes you can find some great things!! Today, I stopped at Goodwill after I finished Christmas shopping downtown, and I came across a wonderful find:an almost brand new pair of Citizen of Humanity jeans!! Citizens usually cost between $150-$200 (not that I have EVER paid that much for jeans), and I adore the way that they fit. The back pockets are almost always small enough for my petite frame, and the cut fits me really well. I now have 3 pairs of Citizens, and ALL of them are from thrift stores.

The first pair I got are these:

and I found them for $3.99. Don’t you love the pockets? I have a thing for pockets. 🙂 A few months later I came across these babies:

which were a bit more at $10.99. I thought maybe someone at the thrift store figured out how much they are in real life. I love the worn in crease on these jeans (I’m sure there’s a fashion word for it, but that’s beyond me)

Today, I found a beautiful, darker wash: for a whopping $3.49. WOWIE WOW WOW WOW! What a steal! I get such a high from buying things for WAY cheaper than normal!

So kids, the moral of the story is…
thrift store shopping is a wonderful way to save money, buy awesome brands, and live just a teensy bit greener by re-using. 🙂


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