babysitter’s club

Today, I am grateful for: no rain for my mini San Francisco adventure with my Sissy and Bubba.

Workout: 3 treadmill miles, 30 minutes Pilates

Bubba had a meeting in the city this afternoon, so Sissy (in law) and I decided to tag along and do a little thifting while Bubba was business-ing, then we’d all do dinner. Sissy’s boyfriend suggested we go to a yummy taco place called Underdog’s. Best. Fish.Tacos. EVER. Oh, and I had the California burrito and it was amazing! French fries in the burrito; sounds weird, but it’s a must try! Reminded me of a burrito place in San Diego that I used to adore. Ahh, memories.


On Sunday, Tim’s cousin and her hubby were out of town and asked if we could watch her Cutie Patootie for the day while her mom went to church. We said, “YES PLEASE!” We were blessed to meet Cutie Patootie on the 2nd day of her life: and here she is now!!

hi, i'm super cute. nice to meet you.

We got to spend the whole day with her, and we had a great time. Cutie (not her name in any way!) is about 11 months old and probably one of the most well mannered babies I’ve ever met. She almost never cries, and she is always smiley!! So when Tim’s cousin asked if we could take her, it was no problem at all. Bubba and I figured it would be good practice lots of fun  also! Bubba adores Cutie. I’m sure he would steal her if he could. So…what did we do with her all day? Well, we fed her…a lot.

Cutie chewed on some toys, made cooing noises, and played with the Christmas tree. Then we tired her out, made her sleepy, and forced her to close her precious, little eyes for an hour.

Then, when the princess awoke, we fed her again. She also watched Home Alone 2 with us.

We played on the carpet all day and watched Cutie chase Beamer around. He didn’t really like being chased, but he dealt with it. I think he felt really left out and he just wanted some lovin’ too.

One thing Bubba and I learned was that our house is totally NOT baby proof. Thanks for trusting us with your most important little one, Anita!! We had a great time and we would LOVE to do it again!! ❤


One thought on “babysitter’s club

  1. You guys know the way to Alaina’s heart! FOOD!!!!!!!! And of course she loves her freedom of crawling around and exploring. Thanks SO much for watching her. I had no doubt for a second she was in GREAT loving hands!!!

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