lunch and other drugs

Today, I am grateful for: Monday lunch dates with awesome teacher friends

Workout: 3 treadmill miles


My house is so dirty, I can’t stand it. I MUST get it spotless by New Year’s Eve. MUST. Does anyone else like their house spic and span before the new year begins? Sometimes, I think I need therapy.


I met up with some teacher buds today for lunch and a movie. We had lunch at California Pizza Kitchen (CPK) and it was yumbles as usual. We ordered a BBQ Chicken Chopped Salad, the Thai Chicken Pizza and the Greek Pizza. I wasn’t soooo fond of the Greek pizza, but the salad and Thai one were bomb!!

After lunch, we headed over to the theater to see Love and Other Drugs. Oh.My.Wow.

If you like sex and nudity, this is for you! j/k. Well, kinda. It wasn’t a terrible movie (I think I’m being too nice), but I would not watch it again. I don’t wanna ruin anything for you if you are looking to see it, but just be prepared for LOTS of ripping off of clothes. WOW. As usual, my movie buddies giggled their way through the film. Ladies, if you are reading this, I am TOTALLY sitting between you next time! I want to hear giggly comments too! 😛

Movie: eh, ok. Lunch: love my ladies, totally yummy! Working a week from today. YUCK.


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