walkers reunited

Today, I am grateful for: my local walking buddy and her flexibility.

Workout: 6 mile walk (I’ll post the time once my Runkeeper is fixed!) , 1 hour yoga

It’s been about a month since I last walked with Audry, and I have missed her dearly! We were finally reunited today, and I thoroughly enjoyed my 6 miles in the cold with her conversation!! We talked about our upcoming races: the Davis Stampede Half Marathon in February, and the See Jane Run Half Marathon in June. I’m glad I have some races scheduled already for the 2011 year, and they are two races that are new to me. I would love to try some different ones too, so if anyone has any Northern California suggestions, pass them my way!

Do any of you walk or run with your phones?? I always walk with my iphone (only a 3g, so sad) since I have the Runkeeper application on it.

I LOVE this app, because it tracks pace, time, and route. I’m sure Garmin’s do the same, but they are oh-so-expensive. Plus, I NEED music when I walk/run. Today, I realized how badly I need a phone upgrade. My phone is performing turtle slow, and it’s driving me nutso!! It completely messed up my milage and time today, and now I have to go back and edit the darm thing. AND it is always freezing on me. UGH. Hmm…maybe I can beg Bubba for a new phone. šŸ™‚ (puh-leese, Bubba!!)


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