cliche, much?

Today, I’m grateful for: everything. really.

We attended a funeral for Tim’s great uncle today, and with a heavy heart, we celebrated his amazing life. I’m not a newbie to funerals; I feel like for someone my age, I’ve been to a lot already. But regardless of who it is, I am am saddened. I think that’s just normal, whether you are sad for the loss of a loved one or sad for the family who is greiving. In any case, as cliche as it is, it really makes me realize how amazing our lives really are.

So, at the risk of sounding totally cliche, LIVE YOUR LIFE. Make it amazing. Do EVERYTHING you can. Because Uncle Yosh did. He overcame obstacles, he didn’t take things for granted, he succeeded in life, he had an amazing family, and he laughed. A lot. at himself!! He was a great man and will always be remembered. 🙂




Now, I must begin my baking frenzy!! Mom’s birthday is tomorrow, and she has requested that I make chocolate cookies and a cinnamon bundt cake. My brother asked me to make chocolate mint cookies…and we are visiting friends in Roseville tomorrow, which means I’m not allowed to show up without rice krispie treats. Oh man, it’s gonna be a long night!!


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