i swear i’m alive…

Today, I’m grateful for: 3 days weekend. Thank you, MLK ❤

Oh friends, how is it that I haven't forgotten to BREATHE?!? Since school has started back up again, life has goen from calm to CRAZY in less than 60 second. I haven't had a spare moment. Seriously. Have you ever seen the movie Empire Records? If you haven't, I highly suggest it. But anyway, the character that Liv Tyler plays makes cupcakes the night before work. When she picks up her co-worker, played by Renee Zelwegger, she gets crap for making them and is asked when she had the time. Liv replies with, "My dad says there are 24 usable hours in a day!" That's what I've been doing. Maybe not 24 hours…but a good 18 have been super busy.

I'm still here. Breathing (most of the time). I'm looking forward to this weekend, not only because it is a three day weekend, but because I will be reunited with bestie AND some 70 degree weather, from what I hear. Santa Monica, here I come!! 🙂


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