happy to announce

We are expecting the littlest Tsukamoto in August!!

our little nugget at 12 weeks!!

We discovered our good news a few days after Thanksgiving, and it’s been really hard to keep it to ourselves for so long. But after our 12 week ultrasound, we revealed our happy news to our family and friends who didn’t already know. Our little nugget is growing as it should be and it’s heart is beating strong! I’m in my second trimester now, and feeling a lot better. I had a lot of nausea between weeks 6-13, and as uncomfortable as it was to feel like I was going to lose my lunch all the time, I took it as a positive sign that the baby was doing very well! Now that I’m approaching 16 weeks, I’m starting to grow a little bump (pictures will be posted soon), and I’m having to tie my jeans together with a hairband. Oh, the joys of belly expansion!


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