happy Father’s Day

Today, I am thankful for: the fathers in my life, especially my wonderful husband!!

Today we celebrated Timmy’s first Father’s Day, and on this day I am reminded of how lucky my son and I are to have such a loving man in our lives!! I always knew that Tim wanted kids, but I never imagined what an amazing father he would become. I adore this man.


My own dad isn’t too shabby, either. A man who always taught me that laughter needed in life, and that family is the most important thing , he’s a man of few words but lots of giggles!! I love you, dad!! And so does B!


And finally, I have been blessed with a wonderful fever in law. Thank you for always looking out for my best interest and for raising such a respectful and responsible son.


Hope you all had an amazing weekend and showed the fathers in your life how much you care!


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