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welcome, 2011!!

Today, I am thankful for: the six weeks that I had off so that I could rest, relax, and enjoy the holidays with my awesome family. I did a whole lot of nothing today, as I was trying to make the best of my very last day of vacation!       He was my … Continue reading

bye bye 2010…happy birthday, ma!

Today, I am grateful for: the woman EVERYONE says I look like. My mommy. are they adorable, or what? Today is my mom’s birthday, and every year, we have a big bash at my parent’s place to celebrate HER day AND New Year’s Eve!! So after baking until all hours of the night (I went … Continue reading

disney vacay part 1

Today, I am grateful for: early shopping hours. I finished all my shopping today before noon! And the stores weren’t even that busy. Thank goodness for early holiday hours! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ We’ve been back for a week now, so I suppose it’s time I tell ya’ll about our awesome trip. We are Disney Vacation Club members, … Continue reading

mint cookie heaven

Today, I am grateful for: the yumminess called Andes Mints. I might not be the best cook in the world (although, I am learning!), but I can bake pretty well. What can I say, I love following directions! I have a  MAJOR sweet tooth. I know it’s not at all healthy to consume so much … Continue reading

c is for cookie

Today, I am grateful for: my friends with cute kiddos who let me play with them! workout: 3.2 miles, 43 minutes I don’t have kiddos of my own yet, so I’m super thankful to friends and family who let me come over and play with their kiddos!! My friend, Jennifer, invited me over to make … Continue reading

happy turkey day!

Today, I am grateful for: a lot of things (see below) workout: 3.1 miles in the EG Turkey Trot, 34 minutes (my best 5k time!) The Turkey Trot this morning was pretty cool. It was definitely a smaller race, but I kinda liked that about it. And since there weren’t a million and a half … Continue reading

trotting for charity

Today I am grateful for: a gym membership so I don’t have to run outside when it’s 32 degrees. workout: 3.1 treadmill miles, 40 minutes Ooooh-weee, is it cold outside today!! My plan was to get up and take a short run around my neighborhood, but when I saw it was a mere 32 degrees, … Continue reading

a loveable christmas tree

Today, Bubba was nice enough to bring down all the Christmas decor from the attic. He’s letting me put everything up a week early considering that we’ll be gone for a bit during the holiday. I put up my Charlie Brown Christmas tree first. I bought this from Sear’s last year for $10 bucks to … Continue reading

pumpkin pie won me over

So, I’m not usually a pumpkin pie fan. I had it once, a couple of years back, but I think it was much too spiced for my liking. Today, during our first and thrid grade buddy time, my teacher BFF and I served our kiddos some Costco pumpkin pie and whipped cream. I was hesitant … Continue reading