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Today, I’m reminding myself that I am grateful for A JOB. But that doesn’t mean that I hafta like it! 😛 Life is full of surprises, and I hope that what they say is true: what doesn’t kill, makes you stronger. Ready for my big change?? Here we go..for those of you who don’t know…. … Continue reading

Teacher Themed Baby Shower

Today, I am grateful for: nap time….especially after such a crazy few weeks!!  My very good friend and co-worker, Anna, is having a little boy very soon. She’s due in mid-February and since it’s her first, we had to have a baby shower!! Heather and I decided that a teacher themed shower seemed appropriate, since everyone … Continue reading

apple hill adventures

Today, I am grateful for:  great friends who happen to be teachers! workout: 3.1 treadmill miles in 39 minutes. I’m officially off from school for 5  glorious weeks, counting after turkey day week, because we SHOULD be working today and tomorrow BUT we decided to take FURLOUGHS and PAYCUTS to ensure our CLASS SIZE remains … Continue reading

pumpkin pie won me over

So, I’m not usually a pumpkin pie fan. I had it once, a couple of years back, but I think it was much too spiced for my liking. Today, during our first and thrid grade buddy time, my teacher BFF and I served our kiddos some Costco pumpkin pie and whipped cream. I was hesitant … Continue reading

middle school? only if i have to.

Today I am grateful for: the opportunity to teach the grade level I MOST adore. mileage: 3 treadmill miles, 43 minutes and 1 hour of yoga I thought of this today as I was completing my application to add a Supplemental Authorization to my teaching credential. It will allow me to teach 7-9th grade English. … Continue reading