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happy Father’s Day

Today, I am thankful for: the fathers in my life, especially my wonderful husband!! Today we celebrated Timmy’s first Father’s Day, and on this day I am reminded of how lucky my son and I are to have such a loving man in our lives!! I always knew that Tim wanted kids, but I never … Continue reading

and it’s a…

BOY!! Little Baby Tsuk is a sweet baby boy!! We had our ultrasound on Tuesday and everything looks great. He’s almost a pound now, has super long arms, and totally has my asian nose. 🙂 I love him to pieces already!

Halfway there!

I’ve hit the halfway point! It’s gone by much faster than I thought it would, and it’s hard believe I’m halfway there. We find out the sex next week and I can hardly wait. I’d be happy with either, of course. How far along? 20 Weeks and 5 days Total weight gain: 11 lbs. Maternity … Continue reading

i swear i’m alive…

Today, I’m grateful for: 3 days weekend. Thank you, MLK ❤ Oh friends, how is it that I haven't forgotten to BREATHE?!? Since school has started back up again, life has goen from calm to CRAZY in less than 60 second. I haven't had a spare moment. Seriously. Have you ever seen the movie Empire … Continue reading

i’m always chilly willy

Today, I am grateful for: my incredibly warm down comforter that forces me to stay in bed for as long as I can. Workout: 60 minutes spin, 60 minutes yoga, 20 minutes pilates ~~~ Did anyone ever watch this cartoon?? I totally know the theme song by heart: “I’m always Chilly Willy, I’m frozen through … Continue reading

babysitter’s club

Today, I am grateful for: no rain for my mini San Francisco adventure with my Sissy and Bubba. Workout: 3 treadmill miles, 30 minutes Pilates Bubba had a meeting in the city this afternoon, so Sissy (in law) and I decided to tag along and do a little thifting while Bubba was business-ing, then we’d … Continue reading

to spin or not to spin

Today I am grateful for: a fitness instructor who doesn’t call you out for being lame. 😛 workout: 50 minute spin class, 60 minute yoga, 30 minute pilates. yea, cuh-razy. I tried a spinning class today. I’ve been intrigued by the whole things for a while, and I’ve wanted to try it out. The thing … Continue reading

here we go!

Aww, my first wordpress post! I decided to give it a try and see if I like it better than my other blog…so far so good. Hmm…what will I blog about? The randomness called my life. 🙂 And when I think of something more meaningful to say, I’ll be back. I like it here. 🙂