i swear i’m alive…

Today, I’m grateful for: 3 days weekend. Thank you, MLK ❤ Oh friends, how is it that I haven't forgotten to BREATHE?!? Since school has started back up again, life has goen from calm to CRAZY in less than 60 second. I haven't had a spare moment. Seriously. Have you ever seen the movie Empire … Continue reading

welcome, 2011!!

Today, I am thankful for: the six weeks that I had off so that I could rest, relax, and enjoy the holidays with my awesome family. I did a whole lot of nothing today, as I was trying to make the best of my very last day of vacation!       He was my … Continue reading

bye bye 2010…happy birthday, ma!

Today, I am grateful for: the woman EVERYONE says I look like. My mommy. are they adorable, or what? Today is my mom’s birthday, and every year, we have a big bash at my parent’s place to celebrate HER day AND New Year’s Eve!! So after baking until all hours of the night (I went … Continue reading

cliche, much?

Today, I’m grateful for: everything. really. We attended a funeral for Tim’s great uncle today, and with a heavy heart, we celebrated his amazing life. I’m not a newbie to funerals; I feel like for someone my age, I’ve been to a lot already. But regardless of who it is, I am am saddened. I … Continue reading

walkers reunited

Today, I am grateful for: my local walking buddy and her flexibility. Workout: 6 mile walk (I’ll post the time once my Runkeeper is fixed!) , 1 hour yoga It’s been about a month since I last walked with Audry, and I have missed her dearly! We were finally reunited today, and I thoroughly enjoyed … Continue reading

i’m always chilly willy

Today, I am grateful for: my incredibly warm down comforter that forces me to stay in bed for as long as I can. Workout: 60 minutes spin, 60 minutes yoga, 20 minutes pilates ~~~ Did anyone ever watch this cartoon?? I totally know the theme song by heart: “I’m always Chilly Willy, I’m frozen through … Continue reading

lunch and other drugs

Today, I am grateful for: Monday lunch dates with awesome teacher friends Workout: 3 treadmill miles ~~~ My house is so dirty, I can’t stand it. I MUST get it spotless by New Year’s Eve. MUST. Does anyone else like their house spic and span before the new year begins? Sometimes, I think I need … Continue reading

babysitter’s club

Today, I am grateful for: no rain for my mini San Francisco adventure with my Sissy and Bubba. Workout: 3 treadmill miles, 30 minutes Pilates Bubba had a meeting in the city this afternoon, so Sissy (in law) and I decided to tag along and do a little thifting while Bubba was business-ing, then we’d … Continue reading

thift store high

Today, I am also grateful for: people who purchase high end things and donate them so I can purchase their items at a thrift store!! Hi. I’m Melanie, and I’m a shopaholic thrift store-aholic. Ok, not really, but I do get my craving for thrift store finds. Do you ever get that itch to shop, … Continue reading

disney vacay part 1

Today, I am grateful for: early shopping hours. I finished all my shopping today before noon! And the stores weren’t even that busy. Thank goodness for early holiday hours! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ We’ve been back for a week now, so I suppose it’s time I tell ya’ll about our awesome trip. We are Disney Vacation Club members, … Continue reading