congratulations, bro!

Today I am grateful for: my amazing, caring, cutie pie, always-there-when-I-need-him, little brother. workout: 3 treadmill miles, 1 hour of pilates. My little brother is amazing in every way. And I’m so proud of him because today, after 2 years, he graduated from his Respiratory Therapy program!! He’s work sooooo hard over the past couple … Continue reading

mint cookie heaven

Today, I am grateful for: the yumminess called Andes Mints. I might not be the best cook in the world (although, I am learning!), but I can bake pretty well. What can I say, I love following directions! I have a  MAJOR sweet tooth. I know it’s not at all healthy to consume so much … Continue reading

i’m baaaack!

Today I am grateful for: my new washer and dryer for allowing me to wash vacation clothes in as few loads as possible. 🙂 Not to fear, friends…MELLIE IS HERE! Ok, like ya’ll missed me that much. 😛 Vacation was absolutely fabulous, and I will post details and pictures soooon. But trying to catch up … Continue reading

my bags are packed, i’m ready to go

Today, I am grateful for: VACATION TIME!! workout: 1 hour of yoga …I’m leavin’ on a jet plane! Ok, am I the only one who thinks Armageddon every time I hear that song?? Oh Ben, you’re so cute. I have been crazy productive today; it’s almost unbelievable. First thing this morning, I made a loaf … Continue reading

c is for cookie

Today, I am grateful for: my friends with cute kiddos who let me play with them! workout: 3.2 miles, 43 minutes I don’t have kiddos of my own yet, so I’m super thankful to friends and family who let me come over and play with their kiddos!! My friend, Jennifer, invited me over to make … Continue reading

you think i can what?

Today, I am grateful for: expandable luggage. no joke. workout: 1 hour of spinning, 1 hour of yoga, 30 minutes Pilates (this will be my Tuesday workout until I got back to work!) I am currently packing to leave for my vacation!! As I mentioned before, we are going on a cruise to the Caribbean. … Continue reading

brownies, anyone??

It’s late, and what am I doing up at this hour? Baking brownies. Yup. Crazy. Tomorrow, Bubba and I have a bunch of errands and shopping to do in the morning, and then we have a cousin get together after lunch, so I needed to make my chocolately, krispity, peanut buttery brownies tonight. Don’t they … Continue reading

happy turkey day!

Today, I am grateful for: a lot of things (see below) workout: 3.1 miles in the EG Turkey Trot, 34 minutes (my best 5k time!) The Turkey Trot this morning was pretty cool. It was definitely a smaller race, but I kinda liked that about it. And since there weren’t a million and a half … Continue reading

trotting for charity

Today I am grateful for: a gym membership so I don’t have to run outside when it’s 32 degrees. workout: 3.1 treadmill miles, 40 minutes Ooooh-weee, is it cold outside today!! My plan was to get up and take a short run around my neighborhood, but when I saw it was a mere 32 degrees, … Continue reading

to spin or not to spin

Today I am grateful for: a fitness instructor who doesn’t call you out for being lame. 😛 workout: 50 minute spin class, 60 minute yoga, 30 minute pilates. yea, cuh-razy. I tried a spinning class today. I’ve been intrigued by the whole things for a while, and I’ve wanted to try it out. The thing … Continue reading